Exhibition at BLT Steak restaurant in Hong Kong! (2014 dec-2015)

I think that the spirit and sense of the painting is really discovered by the viewer not the person who created the work. And personally for me I always try to bring a sense of mystery to my work. I think that all life is mystery, a belief in predictability and solidity is in fact the true illusion. For me i gain the greatest pleasure to know that people can feel and understand my art without any direct explanation from me. Why blue? I love the deep sense of that colour, I find that blue provides me with a channel to discover the true subject of many of my works. I want people looking at my work to have something strong to look at, and at the same time to be able to receive a sense of peace and harmony from such blue works. The characters in monk like attire are allegories for saints, and I see the saints as a kind of secret society that aims to bring peace to the world, who seek to solve hard and vital questions that face mankind. We all grew up from childhood surrounded by fairy tales, some of use are really religious, others love legends. My painting are a combination of all these views and perceptions. I also try and bring a sense of hope to all my works, whether blue works or not. 
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