• The principal idea behind this project was to emphasize the character and taste of the client by focusing on the smaller details of the surfaces, furniture and object d'art., while leaving a lot of free space light and open.

    This result was achieved by astute use of color and a combination of materials with decorative elements. 

  • I was engaged to restore this apartment in a 19th century building in central Florence. The client desired to transform the three existing rooms into a single much larger open space that could provide a much lighter and spacious modern living room. I sought to achieve this for the client in harmony with the existing structure and ambience of the building. I also sought to maximise the flexibility of the space so that the client could use the space as fully open as he intended but also that it could also be used as a series of smaller spaces when required-with a series of hidden doors.

    One of the other major features of the project was to restore the original wooden floor, the frescos on the ceilings and the original polish on the doors and windows. My goal was to bring the original character back to the apartment in line with my clients wishes. This project really came in two parts, the first part was one of restoration and the second part was decorative part. The overall effect was to mix modern and antique in a way that reflected my clients interests and tastes.